Single Cladding Brackets ( Individual Quantities )

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Aluminium Single Brackets

Rainscreen Cladding Bracket Single / 90mm for Ventilated façade systems.

Designed for the installation of multiple facade finishes, secured using INO Systems.

Structural calculations required to determine frequency and spacing for all components listed.



EN AW-6063 Alloy

Bracket suitable for Fixed & Sliding Points

Can be used with multiple rail profiles

6.5mm & 11mm Diameter holes for Concrete and Steel Fixing

Isolator Polyamide 6 (PA 6) available

Discounted rate for full box quantities

Tested to CWCT standards

No minimum order


Suitable for use with all InOpera Facades Systems

Can be used with multiple Facade Materials

Vertical Rainscreen cladding orientation

Can be secured to Steel, Masonry or Timber substrates


Structural calculations required to determine dynamic forces e.g. wind load and dead loads (weight of the cladding) under project circumstances.