EJOT® Universal anchor SDF KB 10H Masonry Fixing

EJOT® Universal anchor SDF KB 10H Masonry Fixing

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For installation of metal components to solid concrete, blockwork and brick.


  • Available in zinc plated carbon steel or A4 Stainless steel set screw both used with a with nylon plug
  • 100 Per Box



  • This anchor is also designed for lightweight concrete and perforated brickwork


  • SDF KB 10H x 80V
  • SDF KB 10H x 80E
  • SDF KB 10H x 100V
  • SDF KB 10H x 100E
  • SDF KB 10H x 120V
  • SDF KB 10H x 120E
  • SDF KB 10H x 140V
  • SDF KB 10H x 140E
  • SDF KB 10H x 160V
  •  SDF KB 10H x 160E


  • Drive : 13mm One Piece Socket or Torx 40.
  • Anchor with a minimum embedment depth of 70 mm
  • 10mm pilot hole
  • This product has a Euopean technical approval (ETA)


SDF-10V-10H__Catalogue.pdf 3 MB

SDF-KB-10H_en_GB.pdf 3 MB

ETA-10/0305.pdf 2 MB




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Structural calculations required to determine dynamic forces e.g. wind load and dead loads (weight of the cladding) under project circumstances. Fixings, Bracket Numbers & Spacing are all affected. Please speak to us if you are unsure.