Cembrit Patina Rough

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Cembrit Patina Rough is a through coloured fibre cement board with a random textured surface. The texture is created by mimicking natural processes giving the facade a different appearance from smooth or coated claddings, namely that of cast or aged stone cladding. The randomness of each board gives a façade clad in Cembrit Patina Rough, a subtle variation in colour and texture, much as would be seen with natural stone cladding.

The inclusion of Cembrit Patina Rough can enhance the visual interest of a facade as it reflects light differently from a smooth surfaced cladding, even the angle from which the façade is viewed will change the effect. By combining Patina and Patina Rough, you can highlight different areas of your building enhancing the overall design and creating features of parts of the building that have special significance. Examples could be: highlighting the area around entrances or windows, featuring a full storey of a building, or delineating apartments within a multi-dwelling residential construction.

Cembrit Patina Rough is a durable fibre cement board, ideal for exterior and interior facades. As time passes, the fibre cement board will gradually acquire a distinctive patina enhancing the random look and feel of the rough texture.

Special product characteristic

  • Random and rough surface texture
  • Abraded surface mimicking natural erosion
  • Natural, velvety surface
  • Appearance that alters dynamically according to light, angle of view and time of day
  • Combining Patina Rough with other textures and materials increase the options for expression and creativity



Euroclass A2 to EN13501-1

Lightweight @ 14.1kg/m2 

Textured Surface 

Through Coloured 

BBA Certification

Available Cut to size or Sheet form.

Available 2 Colours


Available Sizes

Length 2500mm / 3050mm

Width 1250mm 

Thickness 8/9.5mm



Rainscreen Facade

Remedial ACM Replacement Works

Refurbishment Projects

Self Build

Internal Facades



Fixing Methods

Visible Fix - Rivet

Visible Fix - Torx Screw

Secret Fix - TUFs

Secret Fix - Keil





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Structural calculations required to determine dynamic forces e.g. wind load and dead loads (weight of the cladding) under project circumstances. Fixings, Bracket Numbers & Spacing are all affected. Please speak to us if you are unsure.