2020 Aluminium T Profile 120mm x 60mm

2020 Aluminium T Profile 120mm x 60mm

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T Profiles are rails for fixing Cladding material directly or to support additional system components. Typically used as intermediary support cladding materials or in instances of heavier facade types. 

The rails are clipped into the brackets and, after adjustment for line and level, are fixed to them using self-drilling stainless steel screws.

Made from high quality Aluminium and extruded to length. 


  • 6060 Extruded Aluminium
  • Available in 3m or 6m Lengths
  • Can be cut to size to suit typical storey heights



  • Cement Board
  • High Pressure Laminates (HPL)
  • Fibre Cement, Composite
  • Mineral Material
  • Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete GFRC
  • GREP
  • Light Transmitting Concrete


  • 120mm x 60mm x 2mm x 3000mm
  • 120mm x 60mm x 2mm x 6000mm




    • Rivets
    • Screws




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Structural calculations required to determine dynamic forces e.g. wind load and dead loads (weight of the cladding) under project circumstances. Fixings, Bracket Numbers & Spacing are all affected. Please speak to us if you are unsure.